JTP Rail Rail Asset Management
JTP RailRail Asset Management

We can bring a wide experience in the rail industry focusing on engineering solutions with an understanding of the interfaces and systematic perspective of the industry.

JTP Rail:

Delivery of Business Change and Engineering solutions in the following fields:-

Fleet and Asset Management

  • Establishing policies for the safe and efficient procurement, maintenance and operation of On-Track Plant, Inspection Vehicles, Freight vehicles and Locomotives.
  • Implementation of Asset Management systems and processes
  • Implementation of those Policies through Standards, Organisations, Competence, Assurance and Facilities

Facilities Management

  • Specification of vehicle maintenance facilities based on understanding of the tasks and activities carried out in the facility.
  • Project engineering the Depot Plant from initial specification through to completion
  • Promotion of innovation in vehicle servicing plant

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Introduction of Rail Vehicles to Service

Facilitating the introduction of new and modified rail vehicles onto the GB rail network by providing a combined Infrastructure Manager's and Rail Vehicle owner's perspective in the process for confirmation of compatibility.


Railway Construction and Maintenance Plant

  • Specification and delivery of the full range of construction and maintenance plant, both on and off track.
  • Approvals and trials of construction & maintenance Plant & Equipment
  • Station & Terminal Plant


Specification and Project Engineering of plant and equipment in Stations and Terminals including Lifts, Escalators and Mechanical Handling plant.



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